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My brand new album 'Something Borrowed, Something Blues' is a mix of tracks I've been singing for a long time.

Yes!! Its a covers album, but I sure you'll love it. I really wanted to have a physical cd of songs I love to sing to share with my fans, friends and family. So for just $15 (+postage) you can have me on cd, joined by some fantastic musicians, Phil Knight playing a mean lead guitar, Dominic Bassman Kennelly, Matthew Cardwell on drums and Mitchell Anderson on keys and my featured guest artist.

I'll be selling CD's them at shows so you can save on postage.

Or you can buy my album now from iTunes or listen on Apple Music, Links below.

With this great line up you've got to have a listen. Anyway I hope you truly enjoy my new album.

                                                                                                                                Love and Hugs  Sarah 

We hope to see you again! There's much more to come!